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Home Decor

Design Process

Your dream is where my process begins. Take a look at the process of designing, planning, inspiring and more.

Image by Green Chameleon

Design Development & Space Planning

Every design requires an element of “thinking time.” This is the first and most important step to the entire project. In this step, I will spend time to get to  know you and your space well. I will work through any design challenges. In  most cases, I will sketch ideas and compile a set of inspiration images. 


2D Drawings

This step is used for scaled floor plans, furniture plans, demolition plans and  elevations. It is pertinent that we understand the dimensions of each space  and have accurate measurements that will yield the most desirable and correct  floor plan. With this step, we ensure that every element of the design fits  within the parameters of the room.

Great Room 2.png

3D Drawings

In this step, I will transform your 2D drawings into 3D renderings so that you  can see the room in “virtual reality.” This is where the design comes to life,  and you can visually see how everything works together.

drawing with marker

Presentation and Revisions

The design does not need to fit my needs – it needs to fit yours! While I hope  to accomplish the best design for you in the first run, that is not always the  case. This step is for your feedback and making edits to ensure that as we move  into construction or installation, you know exactly what you are getting. 

Image by Christina Winter


Samples are precisely important to ensuring the color palette and textures in  the room are right on point. Ordering and collecting samples for your project is  necessary to see, feel, and love each detail in your design from the paint on the  walls to the fabric on the sofas and the wood of the floors. 

Opening a Package

Purchasing & Delivery Logistics

This steps refers to any product /material orders that we place with intent to  use in the design. We will purchase and orchestrate delivery for you. Like  anything, ordering items online can be difficult at times. It is my responsibility  to follow each delivery and act as your customer service representative in the unfortunate event that something is delayed, damaged, or needs returned.


Customer Testimony 

"It’s been an absolute PLEASURE working with [CMT]—you’ve made the dream that has been floating in my head, come to life!! I will be honest, we had drawings done by 2 local companies within the past 6 months, before we found you online, and they don’t even compare to yours… I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your attention to detail and every little menial request that I made along the way. I cannot thank you enough… I truly hope you can come out and see the end project and that I can meet you in person someday!"

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